Roll Call

Madhukar Kumar
Jun 14, 2024


Nike Airforces.

Sunglasses and summer dresses.

Loud shrieks and crying babies.

Emily Cramer.

Star spangled banner.

Umbrellas blocking sun.

Umbrella blocking views.

Cameras and phones.

Blue uniformed cops.

Water bottles.

Zoe Nyugen.

Bleachers with cheerful smiles.

White chairs with uncle and dads.

Socks and sandals.

Flowers and pom poms.

Teary-eyed moms.

Rohin Headley.

Tanner Hines.

Aubrey Hallenbeck.

Madrigals choir.

Butterfly song.

Speeches and poems.

Former authors future mathematicians.

Believers and atheists.

Agnostics who care.

Black gowns and flat hats.

Tassels flying in the air.

Silent wishes for less.

Loud ambitions with more.

Elliot Cheng.

Disha Kumar.

Class of 2024.



Madhukar Kumar

CMO @SingleStore, tech buff, ind developer, hacker, distance runner ex @redislabs ex @zuora ex @oracle. My views are my own